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Clayman Limited Apparel

Working with the lead singer of the band ‘In Flames’ and the art director of Clayman - we developed a brand and online store for Clayman Apparel. Social media carried the weight of our brand awareness until the site was launched and apparel arrived to us in Canada to ship nation wide. The original 2016-2019 website featured the apparel shop, videos of the t-shirt illustrations, on-tour photos and the ‘what’s next’ for the clothing line with Instagram and Facebook feeds. Today we still maintain the brand through social media and sell the apparel through Bravado - a global retailer in Europe.

Feature Sliders
I created various sliders to portray the vibe and passion that the owners have for their clothing line - Clayman Limited - molded apparel for you. Digitally illustrating to enhance and extend so we could fulfil brand needs. These photos were taken while on tour in 2017 in Europe by Vincent Laine.

Desktop Site

Using a Wordpress Basic Shop Theme I recreated the stylesheets and organized the layouts to include more current and important features with details for our consumer such as multiple product shots, materials, sizing chart, associated products, shipping estimates, payment methods at Paypal Checkout. Presale offers and events were cross-advertised every month. The shipping FAQs detailed our return policies, international tracking options and holiday cut-off info with further return and payment terms and conditions. I also included an account area to keep track of wishlists and old orders with addresses.

I had to simplify the mobile site considerably and focus on the categories being accessible -  breadcrumbs, the product shots with no associated accessories and easy PayPal checkout that evolved every week in 2017. Shipping confirmation via email with receipts through Woocommerce.
In Flames  
Mark Kowalchuk Illustrations

Clayman Ltd. Apparel

Andres Friden of
‘In Flames’ of Sweden
Illustrator & Art Director - Mark Kowalchuk


+ UI Design
+ Branding
+ Project Management
+ Shipping Management


+ creating all products digitally before receiving inventory
+ reporting on the brand awareness
+ updating demography based on reports
+ responsive updates and re-design monthly
+ shipping and drop shipping