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Fort McMurray International Airport – Flights to Tuscon, AZ Campaign

I coordinated the 'Flights to Tucson, AZ' ad campaign for this account using The client would put in her requests and Neil and I would create budget ideas and then concepts for digital ads and environmental design installations.

Colassol Cave (destination near Tucson, Arizona) - this is a large 3M floor decal installed at the airport for social interaction/ instagram photo opportunities that I painted using many photos and textures in Photoshop. It included a QR code to scan for the 'Win a Trip for 4' contest.

Tucson Golf Activation 3D stands - I created versions of cut-outs to display at golf courses to promote the 'Flights to Tucson, AZ' campaign. They were made of foam and gator board cut-outs with stands and were about 6 ft tall. 

Tucson Digital Ads - the 'Flights to Tucson, AZ' campaign ads for various media buys

Freestanding Cactus - 'Flights to Tucson, AZ' freestanding cactus for events, made of gator board and a wooden stand for the base

Cactus Sticker - created for all PR packages

Fort McMurray International Airport
Freshwater Creative Corp.
Creative Director - Neil Devine

Designer, Illustrator,
Account Coordinator for FMAA - Nicole Kowalchuk


+ Client Coordination
+ Branding
+ Creative Thinking
+ Advanced Digital Artworking
+ Production


+ resourcing destination specific photos from Tucson photographers and hotels
+ information hierarchy
+ detailing fabrication to suppliers